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Lowe's Accounts Receivable

Ideal for medium to large-size businesses with job or invoice accounting needs

  • 5% Off* Every Day when you use Lowe’s Business Credit details
  • Pay in full each month
  • Purchasing control, can only be used at Lowe's
  • Ability to limit dollar amount on single purchase
  • Individual and consolidated statements for linked primary/secondary accounts with product-level statement detail for each invoice
  • Robust job account management including account level itemized statements, and ability to pay by invoice

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Learn more about Lowe's Accounts Receivable features:

Annual Fee

  • No annual fee

Payment Terms

  • Pay in full each month

Periodic Lowe's Offers

  • Lowe's may periodically mail Lowe's merchandise and other promotional offers to active commercial credit account holders throughout the year

Lowe's Discounted Delivery

  • Receive discounted delivery on your Lowe's purchases.
    See Store for details.

Lowe's Ordering Options

  • Use your account for ordering Lowe's merchandise via phone, fax or online

Fraud Protection Guarantee

  • Fraud protection guarantee ensures that you won't be held responsible for any fraudulent charges made to your account

Consolidated or Individual Statements

  • Ability to receive a consolidated statement AND individual statements for all linked primary (i.e. parent) and secondary (i.e. job / facility) accounts

Monthly Statement Transaction Detail

  • Store location
  • Invoice number / date
  • Listing of products purchased on each invoice
  • Purchase order number on Lowe's purchases (if supplied at time of purchase)
  • Authorized user

Payment Tracking

  • At primary account, linked secondary account and specific invoice levels

Purchase Tracking

  • At primary account, linked secondary account and Authorized User levels

Deferred Billing

  • Purchases are not billed to your account until order is delivered to your location or picked up in-store

Usage Locations

  • Purchasing Control, can only be used at Lowe's

Authorized User Access

  • Purchase access at Lowe's locations using an authorized buyer list, or optional ID cards

Credit Line Assignment

  • Share credit lines between linked primary (i.e. parent) and secondary (i.e. job/facility) accounts, or set specific credit lines for each linked account
  • Ability to assign a maximum purchase amount for each individual transaction at a Lowe's locations

Purchasing Instructions

  • Ability to set an account to prompt Lowe's cashier with special buying instructions on each purchase

Primary / Secondary Account Linkages

  • Ability to manage accounts by establishing and linking secondary (i.e. job / facility) accounts to a primary (i.e. parent) account

Credit Center Customer Service

  • Toll free customer service
  • Dedicated credit account representative assigned to your account for servicing

Account Designee Access

  • Ability to assign a "designee" for online access to account information and manage the account

Online Account Management

  • Pay online
  • Allocate payments to specific invoices, and view open and closed invoices
  • View and print up to 12 months of prior statements
  • View activity since last statement date
  • View invoices with buyer's signature
  • Request credit line increases
  • Manage / request cards for authorized buyers
  • Update company profile information
  • Contact credit customer service via secure message center
  • Download up to 6 months of account activity to Excel®, CSV, Quickbooks®, Quicken®
      Online Account Management
  • Account summary
  • Pay online
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Lowe's Accounts Receivable is issued by Synchrony Bank.

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